Dementia affects around 850,000 people across the UK with some areas having a greater number of people living with dementia than others.

To help show this distribution, the maps linked below provide a visual and interactive representation of dementia prevalence by two different geographic entities; Westminster constituencies and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Constituency Map

This map uses Westminster Parliamentary constituencies to provide a consistent picture across the UK.

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These tools are developed by using published population data and prevalence rates of the condition to estimate the total numbers of people in each area with dementia. Each five-year age band from 30-34 up until 95+ has an associated dementia prevalence rate (an estimated percentage of that age group with dementia) from the Dementia UK: Update 2014 report and these rates are then multiplied by the population data from each constituency or CCG.

In areas with larger populations and older populations, there will be a higher number of people living with dementia, as age is the greatest risk factor.

Clinical Commissioning Group Map

The CCG map contains data only for England as CCGs are specific to NHS England.

Information on the other nations and their respective healthcare geographies can be made available on request. We will be updating the map in due course to include this information.


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