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Introduction to the Dementia Statistics Hub

Our Dementia Statistics Hub is a resource for up-to-date statistics about dementia and dementia research. All our statistics are referenced and can be downloaded and shared by clicking on the buttons in the bottom right-hand corner of the images.

To find statistics, use the search bar above or browse the categories. For more information about the Statistics Hub, visit our About page. If you have a question about a statistic or the Statistics Hub, please Contact us.


Statistics about dementia

Find statistics about the number of people with dementia, different types of dementia and the economic impact of dementia.

Statistics about dementia and its impact


Statistics about dementia research

Find statistics on clinical trials, investment in dementia research and future treatments.

Statistics about dementia research


Perceptions and inequalities

Find statistics about inequalities in, and public perceptions of, dementia.

Statistics about perceptions and inequalities

About the Dementia Statistics Hub

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